Representing the UK Forest Products Industry

UKFPA - the voice of the UK wood processing sector


The United Kingdom Forest Products Association represents the technical and commercial interests of processors of UK grown timber. Members' activities include:


  • Forest and woodland management
  • Timber harvesting and haulage
  • Sawmilling and woodworking
  • Timber merchanting
  • Production of structurally graded timber
  • Manufacture of fencing, acoustic barriers, gates, decking and timber garden products
  • Manufacture of timber pallets and packaging
  • Timber preservation
  • Manufacture of wood based sheet materials
  • Manufacture of paper and carton board products
  • Manufacture of wood preservatives and flame retardants
  • Supply of forestry, sawmilling and sawshop equipment



A major part of the Association's work is to ensure that Members' interests are well represented and promoted. This involves contact with a wide range of organisations in both the public and private sectors, including:


  • Forestry Commission, Forest Enterprise, Northern Ireland Forest Service
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • British and European standards organisations
  • Central and devolved Government
  • Government Department and Agencies
  • Development agencies
  • European Union/European Commission
  • Political lobbying in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Brussels.
  • Liaison with related trade associations, including WPIF, TTF, WPA, TIMCON, ConFor etc.

Association services


The Association provides technical information and advice to Members via a free advisory service. A monthly Update is provided to all Members, giving information on a wide range of subjects. Educational events are provided on topical subjects. Members receive copies of the minutes of all meetings of the Executive Council, the Association's governing body. The Association also supports promotional activities, trade shows and publications.

The UKFPA website ( includes an interactive Buyers Guide, with a detailed entry for each Member and their products and services. The website also includes market reports and links to the websites of related organisations.


Members' participation


Members can participate in various Association activities, including:


  • Membership of Regional Groups; Scotland, Northern England, Wales & Midlands, Southern & Western England.
  • Input to specialist sub-committees and working groups, including wood supply, harvesting and contracting, technical and development, health and safety, training etc.
  • Visits.
  • Social events.


For more information about UKFPA membership, contact us here